Taxis and the subway are the best and safest option for getting around in Rio. The city has an extensive taxi fleet, which includes yellow metered cabs as well as special taxis operated by licensed companies that can be found at the airports and hotels or booked by phone. From the international airport most special taxis work on a fixed fare by area, which is paid in advance at the company’s counter. The subway system is efficient, comfortable and reliable. Tickets are bought at the counter and are valid for one, two or ten rides. Rio’s main historical and cultural attractions lie very close to subway stations.

In order to ensure safety, a shuttle service from Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport to conference hotels will be available for ISMP 2006 participants. Likewise, free transportation from conference hotels will be provided to conference sites every morning during the meeting and back to the hotels after the last session. The same applies to the conference opening ceremony and dinner. Transportation will also be provided for those who do not wish to walk from UFRJ campus to the military institutes, where plenary and semi-plenary sessions will be held. In case you miss the bus or would like to come / leave at other times, it is recommended that you take a taxi. It is unlikely that the driver speaks any foreign language. It would thus help if you show him/her a piece of paper with your destination clearly written on it. Conference hotels are located only a 5 -15 minute drive from the conference site.