Conference Venue

The symposium will take place at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro campus at Praia Vermelha, a charming district area conveniently located just a five-minute drive from some of the city’s most famous attractions, such as the Sugar Loaf and Copacabana Beach. Shopping and restaurant facilities are also available within walking distance.

 Plenary and semi-plenary sessions will be held at nearby military institutes of higher education, namely Instituto Militar de Engenharia – IME (The Military Institute of Engineering), Escola de Guerra Naval – EGN (Naval Postgraduate School) and Escola de Comando e Estado-Maior do Exército – ECEME (Army High Command School), located only a fifteen-minute walk from UFRJ campus. They lie at the foot of the mountain – the Sugar Loaf – and by the sea. The area is particularly inviting and safe, providing conference participants with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape, open spaces and conversation.

Founded in 1920, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ is considered the oldest and largest federal university in the country as well as a model for the creation of several other public institutions of higher education. UFRJ has earned a solid international reputation as a center of excellence in teaching and research, with strategic importance to the development of the country. A highly qualified faculty, technical and administrative staff, modern labs, specialized libraries, undergraduate and graduate programs, numerous teaching, research and extension units, all have combined to build such reputation.

A particularly outstanding unit on Praia Vermelha campus is the University Palace, a beautiful nineteenth century neoclassical building. A former hospital for mentally ill people under Emperor D. Pedro II, the palace was only converted into the University President’s Office in 1949. Following the transfer of the President’s Office to Ilha do Fundão in the 60’s, the University Palace was turned into a center for high level academic debate and artistic manifestation, a forum for science and culture.

Program Committee

  • Frédéric Bonnans – INRIA (France)
  • Roberto Cominetti – Universidad de Chile ( Chile )
  • William Cook – Georgia Tech ( USA )
  • Masakazu Kojima – Tokyo Tech ( Japan )
  • Abílio Lucena – UFRJ ( Brazil )
  • Nelson Maculan – UFRJ ( Brazil )
  • Rüdiger Schultz – Universität Duisburg-Essen ( Germany )
  • Éva Tardos – Cornell University ( USA )

Organizing Committee

  • Abílio Lucena – UFRJ ( Brazil )
  • Nelson Maculan – UFRJ ( Brazil )
  • Celso Ribeiro – UFF ( Brazil

Local Committee


  • Nair Maria Maia de Abreu – UFRJ
  • Alexandre Andreatta – UNIRIO
  • Eduardo Uchoa Barboza – UFF
  • Luiz Mariano Paes de Carvalho Filho – UERJ
  • Alfredo Iusem – IMPA
  • Maria Helena Cautiero Horta Jardim – UFRJ
  • Claudia Justel – IME
  • Carlile Campos Lavor – UNICAMP
  • Susana Scheimberg de Makler – UFRJ
  • Luiz Satoru Ochi – UFF
  • Fabio Protti – UFRJ
  • Fernanda Maria Pereira Raupp – LNCC
  • Adilson Elias Xavier – UFRJ